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Leveraging facilities at the MEASAT Teleport and Broadcast Centre, MEASAT is able to provide a range of services and solutions tailored to the needs of our telecommunications customers.

Broadband Internet
MEASAT supports the provision of cost effective broadband internet access for the rural population throughout Malaysia. We are proud to be able to support government initiatives for the provision of Universal Services that enrich the lives of thousands daily.
Cellular Trunking
MEASAT offers its customers cellular trunking services via satellite. Through these expanded cellular networks, customers and governments will be able to provide a wide range of telecommunications solutions to consumers. These solutions include complete cellular backhaul services and also the link which helps meet Government’s Universal Service Provisioning access in remote areas.
IP Trunking – IP over Satellite Transit (iPOST)
MEASAT’s iPOST service provides customers with flexible bandwidth for internet connectivity, by linking remote sites to a multi-homed internet backbone. Through iPOST, MEASAT is able to offer a scalable solution tailored to the customer’s bandwidth requirements to meet current and future demand.
Maritime/Oil & Gas
MEASAT and AFRICASAT satellite services are the foundation for service providers specializing in serving communications to the Maritime and Oil & Gas industries. End users in these mission critical sectors demand robust, high availability communication networks that can be relied upon 24x7.
Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)
MEASAT allows customers to link multiple locations with high speed, reliable and secure satellite VSAT communication networks. These networks enable corporations and governments to build networks that span vast areas in a simple and cost effective manner.
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