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Satellite Users Handbook
To ensure the performance of each satellite link is maintained at a high level, and a high quality of service is delivered to every customer, MEASAT requires customers to test and register their equipment and links. The Satellite Users Handbook details the Ground Station Verification Tests (GSVT) and Satellite Access Procedures (SAP) required.
AFRICASAT-1a Satellite Users Handbook  |  File size: 691Kb
MEASAT-3 Satellite Users Handbook  |  File size: 544Kb
MEASAT-3a Satellite Users Handbook  |  File size: 709Kb
MEASAT-3b Satellite Users Handbook  |  File size: 672Kb
Satellite Access Form  |  File size: 174Kb
Occasional Usage Booking
To book capacity for MEASAT Occasional Usage Services, please fill out the following form and send it back to us via email to our Network Management Centre,
Occasional Usage Form  |  File size: 333Kb
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