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Through the MEASAT Teleport and Broadcast Centre, and with alliances with world-class media companies, MEASAT is able to provide a range of services and solutions tailored to the needs of our broadcasting customers.
Broadcast Distribution
With the MEASAT and AFRICASAT satellites’ global and regional beams, broadcasters are able to distribute and syndicate TV channels to pay TV operators in over 150 countries for transmission to their viewers.
Direct-To-Home (DTH) Television
The MEASAT fleet allows viewers to receive a wide selection of local and international TV programming via a small, easily mounted satellite dish. Using high powered Ku-band payloads, the technology also supports applications such as video on demand, interactive TV and high definition TV.
Ultra High Definition (UHD)/ High Definition (HD)
Working with a group of leading broadcasters, uplink service providers and channel operators, MEASAT provides HEVC / MPEG-4 based solutions that allow broadcasters to originate and distribute the latest UHD / HD channels across the region.

Satellite News Gathering
The global and regional C-Band beams of MEASAT and AFRICASAT satellites allow broadcasters to connect remote news gathering TV crews directly back to their TV studios without the need for terrestrial networks. The MEASAT fleet is able to relay the latest news from over 150 countries to audiences locally and regionally within minutes.
Video Playout / Uplink
MEASAT provides a complete video playout solution including advertisement insertion, subtitling, dubbing, encryption, uplinking and satellite distribution. From tape to electronically delivered content, and with the support of partners in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore and Middle East, TV channels can be originated and distributed via the MEASAT and AFRICASAT fleets to pay TV operators across the Asia Pacific region and Africa.


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