Status Updates
12 Sept   Launch Day
11 Sept   The Ariane 5 ECA rocket launch MEASAT-3b
07 Sept   Closeups at the BAF (Assembly Facility Building)
04 Sept   Attaching the fairing atop Ariane 5’s SYLDA dispenser system
19 May   Encapsulation process into fairing
14 May   Transferring from S3b to BAF building
14 May   Placement into the CCU3 container for transport
12 May   Preparing to be placed into the CCU3 container
12 May   Installing onto Payload Adapter
12 May   Installing onto Launch Vehicle Adapter
05 May   Fuelling the satellite (2nd stage)
24 April   Preparing for transport
15 April   Undergoing fitcheck with the upper adapter of the SYLDA5 cylinder
15 April   Transferring onto its trolley
15 April   Opening the MEASAT-3b container
14 April   MEASAT-3b arrives at the European Spaceport